Turnkey wayfinding solutions

We create state of the art kiosk solutions for shopping malls, buildings and urban spaces. We help your visitors find their destination, and ensure that events, news, and campaigns achieve maximum exposure. We are a one stop-shop providing everything from development, design and implementation to maintenance, service and support.

Stress-tested since 2009

Built for heavy traffic

When you’re assisting visitors digitally in a public space, the experience needs to be extremely intuitive, reliable, and fast. We have more than ten years of experience working with industry leaders, and a durable platform that delight your guest (and staff!).
Danske Shoppingcentre run 18 shopping centers around Denmark that welcome 78 million customers annually. Hubarts kiosks are an essential part of the shopping experience we offer and ensure accessible service og information for our visitors. Hubart is also a valuable communications platform for the center management and store tenants which is why we continue the roll-out of Hubart to the majority of our centers
Eva Handest
Head of Design and Concept at Danske Shoppingcentre

What you get with Hubart

Custom designed hardware (kiosks)
Wayfinding with dynamic route guidance
Easily understandable 3D-maps
Advanced destination search
Intuitive and easy understandable visualizations
User interface adapted to your design guidelines
Data and statistics available on user behaviour
Easy accessibility for wheelchair users
Communication and marketing module
Intuitive Hubart H4 Manager (CMS)
Born multi-language
Data integration from 3rd party (e.g. events, head-count etc.)

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