Meet some of our customers

We are proud to be close collaborators with customers across industries throughout Denmark. Here you can see how our stands efficiently guide visitors to their destinations in large, trafficked areas, including University of Copenhagen and the award-winning shopping mall Frederiksberg Centret.



In the fall of 2014 Frederiksberg Centret in Copenhagen launched a comprehensive expansion. Hubart was part of the ambitious project and today eight info hubs are positioned at traffic junctions in the mall and contributes to the unique customer experience that the 6-7 mio. yearly visitors are offered.

Through Hubart the events, communication and campaigns of the shopping mall reach its many visitors. Hubart also offers the customers the opportunity to search for stores, brands, product types and services – and customers can check opening hours and other practical information.

Rødovre Centrum

Due to yet another expansion at Rødovre Centrum, Hubart wayfinder and communication platform was launched at the opening on 28 September, 2017.

The custom-made info hubs are designed in cooperation with Rødovre Centrum, this in order to become an integral part of the visual identity of the mall.

Rødovre Centrum has more than 7 million visitors a year.

University of Copenhagen

With 95.000 m2, 2.500 employees and 15.000 daily students The University of Copenhagen, Amager is one of the busiest buildings in Denmark. This is why the university was looking for a solution that could guide visitors in the right direction.

Hubart was chosen because it offered a total solution to many of the challenges the university was facing.

The solution combines wayfinding with advanced search options, data integration and multiple functions. The design and functionalities are developed in cooperation with the university.

Lyngby Storcenter

Lyngby Storcenter is a shopping centre in constant development. We are very excited that Hubart is chosen to be their digital service design solution.

The large regional shopping centre is situated in the heart of Kongens Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, which is one of the most affluent areas in Denmark. This means demanding customers with a lot of purchasing power.

The centre is very well positioned in the market. The customers' purchasing power and a large geographical area means one of the highest turnovers per sqm measured in a shopping centre in Denmark. The shops are a mixture of strong international and national brands combined with many cafes, restaurants and a food market offering high quality food.

The Hubart H4 platform and 10 info-hubs (kiosks) were delivered in March 2020.

Copenhagen Designer Outlet

For the new Copenhagen Designer Outlet the builder DEAS wanted a unique self-service solution in order to offer both wayfinding, marketing, service info, event information and a newsletter sign-up.

The design of the stand and user interface was custom-made for DEAS making the hub merge seamlessly with the surrounding architecture.

Four info hubs are placed strategically in the middle of the curved hallways and therefore easy for the customers to locate.


The popular Copenhagen shopping mall City 2 was planning an expansion and wanted to improve the wayfinding service in the mall. City 2 also wanted to strengthen the communication with customers with increased marketing of events and campaigns and better service information. Hubart was chosen since we offer the required functionalities – and more. Also stand and interface design were custom-made for City 2.

Eight info hubs are placed strategically at the entrances and on the large center square to offer the visitors the best possible access to service and information and to ensure maximum attention to event and campaign information.


herningCentret is the largest shopping centre in the middle of Jutland with 80 shops, 11 restaurants, and a total of 36,000 sqm. It offers activities, entertainment, and shopping to visitors of all ages.

Hubart was chosen as a supplier by the owner and operator Danske Shoppingcentre in late 2020. The wayfinding solution was in place and ready for the Christmas and holiday season in 2020.

Kolding Storcenter

Hubart has had the pleasure to deliver a complete solution, which accommodates Kolding Storcenter’s wish to improve the digital customer service as well as integrating a new platform to be able to communicate with everyone visiting the mall.

The delivery contains specially designed info hubs, Hubart wayfinder platform and the traditional functionalities – all adapted to Kolding Storcenter’s brand manual and visions.

The solution went into operation at the end of November 2017.

Friis Aalborg

In connection with the ongoing reconstruction at Friis in Aalborg as well as expansion and opening of a big new Magasin at Friis, the overall solution for wayfinder and communication platform was delivered by Hubart.

The ongoing collaboration offers a digital self-service for the customers and makes it possible for Friis to reach out to everyone who visits the shopping mall. The solution includes both Info hub stands and interface design.

The solution will go into operation in connection with the opening of Magasin.


SlotsArkaderne is a part of Danske Shoppingcentre. It has more than 60 exciting stores, outlets and specialist shops. Further you will find many cosy cafes, tasty restaurants and a large supermarket. All in all, the shopping centre provides a perfect selection of shopping opportunities next to the pedestrian street in Hillerød. You can easily spend a whole day enjoying the cosy environment, browsing and shopping in some of Denmark’s most popular outlets.

The custom-made info hubs are designed in cooperation with Danske Shoppingcentre and Spacelab Architects. This in order to become an integral part of the visual identity of the shopping centre.


The popular VSCS shopping mall in Slagelse was rebuilt in 2015 and wanted to improve the shop information and wayfinding service in the mall. VSCS also wanted to provide customers with better service information – opening hours, transportation info, news etc. Hubart was chosen as we offer all these functionalities – and more.

Info hub-stands and interface design were custom-made for the mall and the hubs were placed strategically at the entrances and on the center square to give the best possible access to service and information to visitors.

University of Copenhagen CSS

In order to accommodate better service and communication for both students and visitors, Hubart has in close cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences developed a platform where users can be guided on a map to find locations, specific classes, events etc. The solution can also be used for news updates and sharing information about public transport itinerary.

The solution is operated with an integration to the university’s calendar – this to minimize duplication.

Likewise, the solution contains delivery of semi-outdoor info hubs, which are located at the two main entrances to campus.

City Vest Aarhus

With an ambition to strengthen the customer service and communication, Hubart entered into an agreement to deliver the digital wayfinder and communication platform Hubart to City Vest.

The delivery took place August, 2018.

Randers Storcenter

In order to strengthen the digital customer experience at Randers Storcenter, Hubart implemented a solution with an interactive wayfinder and communication platform in June 2018 at 5 strategic locations in the mall.

The delivery contains visual design which reflects the digital identity and the already existing DNA, info hubs and of course the Hubart platform with an interactive guide to shops, services etc.

Amager Centret

The shopping centre is situated near the metro station Amagerbro and the central part of Amagerbrogade in Copenhagen. This part of the city is popular and has experienced an impressive growth in the area’s population with an increase of 17% over the past 8 years.

During 2018-2021, Amager Centret has been modernized and expanded. Hubart was chosen to deliver the Hubart H4 Platform with 8 individual kiosks. The delivery took place in March 2020, and the solution was customized to fit the new expression of the shopping centre.

A big thanks to Spacelab Architects for the cooperation in co-creation, and again a big thanks to DSC for the trust, the result has become a unique transformation in service design. This, combined with the brave choices, made in the design of interior and customer interfaces.