We’ll help you from A to Z

And your visitors

A Hubart delivery consists of a total solution including stand, hardware, software, map and operation. We develop, manufacture, install and maintain our solutions in a close partnership with our customers to ensure that stand design, user interface, functions and CMS always deliver a sublime experience for both users and administrators.

A branded experience

We handle the processes of design and production in close dialogue with you.  

The choice of stands (standing, desk etc.) and materials (tree, metal, lacquer, colours) is carefully fitted to your design and brand concepts and to the characteristics of the rooms in which the hubs are to be placed.

We prepare a brief design that will be the basis for the final design of the stand. Finally, we manufacture and install the stand.

Your visitors deserve the best guide

Hubart’s 3D-wayfinder guides your visitors to their destination fast and seamlessly. Our wayfinder uses state of the art map design based on breakthrough research in behavioral science. This ensures that your customers / visitors get their directions and information in seconds and will easily find their desired store or eating place.

At Hubart we strive to create solutions that support the overall user experience in agreement with your brand manual and identity. Maps are developed in close cooperation with facility management and coordinated with all stakeholders in the organisation

Map Design: More real than reality

Your 3D-maps are custom-made to correspond with your brand and physical surroundings. The use of 3D-graphic creates an intuitive overview of the building, which supplies the visitors with a fast and easy wayfinding experience.

Point of view: The map matches the building from the place where the viewer is standing and in the same direction as the viewer is looking. This helps the viewer preserve orientation.

Active location marking: Moveable icons make it easy to see where you are and where you are going.

Space symbolics: Reference points placed strategically on the map makes for better overview.

Custom digital stands

The physical stand is a pivotal part of the user experience. The stands are built in high quality materials and are tailored to the surroundings. They are strategically placed at entries, focal and meeting points where they provide essential information.

Hubart stands are extremely solid and durable to deliver maximum TCO. The stands are designed to make maintenance and operations easy, e.g. we use glass to edge for easy cleaning.


  • Professional NEC-screens designed for year-long operation.
  • State of the art touch technology.
  • Exquisite materials combining steel, tree, light and armored, anti-reflective glass

Implementation and support

We deliver plug & play solutions in close cooperation with the relevant departments in your organisation. Our experienced team takes care of project management, implementation, and installation on site.

In the ongoing partnership we take a proactive approach. We deliver support and service and closely supervise your solution to assure that all elements run optimally


3rd party integrations
Hubart offer integration with a large number of external systems and services and work with integrations through open standards. As a standard we integrate the following services: Hubart provides valuable data regarding customer behaviour. Through the platform data panel you an extract information about the services that customers demand - which product categories, stores and service info they search for. This data into customer preferences, demand and trends can help guide your business development and the direction of your overall services and offers.

  • Departure times of nearby public transportation (buses and trains) - Overview in your calendar system
  • Data from customer counter (required due to Corona restrictions) - Feeds from ad system
  • Map data for web service Integrations ensure that you get live data update and avoid time consuming double registration and only have to maintain data in one system.

Do you want to know more about your options to integrate specific services please contact us